Stratfor users check if you've been hit by Anonymous now

This week the customers of global intelligence firm Stratfor fell victim to the hacker amalgamation known as Anonymous, and starting today the folks at Dazzlepod have made a webpage available where you, the user, can check your email to make sure you weren't amongst those hit. The Dazzlepod collective has a searchable database which includes all of the information stolen and dumped by Anonymous over the past few attacks, this able to be searched by you to see if your email is amongst those compromised. A lovely service for those wishing to stay clean!

The folks at Dazzlepod are located in Malaysia and have over 750,000 accounts on file for your searching pleasure, this nothing more than a collection of what's already been made available to the public by Anonymous. Where what Anonymous has done is to make secrets available to the public, Dazzlepod aims to help those who wish to remain anonymous. Sound like a bit of a paradox to you? Stratfor's computers were compromised over this holiday weekend and a list of their international strategic forecasting users were posted online thusly – now you can check if you're there.

You can find the full intent of the Anonymous hacker attack at Pastebin if you like, a bit of that text available here now:

Stratfor was not breached in order to obtain customer credit card numbers, which the hackers in question could not have expected to be as easily obtainable as they were. Rather, the operation was pursued in order to obtain the 2.7 million e-mails that exist on the firm's servers. This wealth of data includes correspondence with untold thousands of contacts who have spoken to Stratfor's employees off the record over more than a decade. Many of those contacts work for major corporations within the intelligence and military contracting sectors, government agencies, and other institutions for which Anonymous and associated parties have developed an interest since February of 2011, when another hack against the intelligence contractor/security firm HBGary revealed, among many other things, a widespread conspiracy by the Justice Department, Bank of America, and other parties to attack and discredit Wikileaks and other activist groups.

Wikileaks abound! Hopefully you weren't part of the wheels that are turning now, ladies and gentlemen, as justice may or may not be done soon!