Stratfor security firm hit by Anonymous

Hacker group anonymous has hit a security firm based in Austin, Texas called Stratfor. The hackers are alleging that they were able to gain access to the security firm's servers and steal detailed information on customers, including credit card details. Anonymous claims that they could steal the detailed information because Stratfor didn't encrypt the data.

For now, Stratfor has suspended operations on its servers and via email while it investigates the attack. A person posted online claiming to be a member of Anonymous and claims that the hacker group had used the credit card details that were stolen in the attack to donate more than a million dollars to various charities. That claim is unconfirmed for now.

As of now, the Stratfor site and servers will remain closed for an unknown period until the hack is investigated, and the security issue that allowed access is found. Stratfor says that the stolen details were a list of some members who had purchased their publications Stratfor offers. The company went on to say that, the list doesn't show individuals or entities that have a relationship with Stratfor. The security firm counts some big companies among its clients, including the US Defense Department and law enforcement agencies.

[via BBC]