Stop buying Galaxy S6: Here's why

Today I need to warn you that buying a Samsung Galaxy S6 – in any condition – is no longer worth the hassle. I warn you of this because the Samsung Galaxy S6 is now officially outside the realm of regular security updates. Once a smartphone is outside the span of time in which security updates are released, said phone becomes too dangerous for most average users to use.

Inside the average user's phone is a laundry list of important or otherwise compromising materials. Photographs of body parts, emails with passwords inside, and GPS location histories. These are only the most common of items – and they're not something most people want in the hands of a stranger.

As such, buying old smartphones is only really recommended – by us here at SlashGear – when said phone is still getting security updates from its manufacturer. It's not uncommon for a smartphone to stop getting security updates around 3 years after its initial release date.

In fact 3 years is pretty long – it's on the GOOD side of how long a manufacturer will generally update a smart device. Outside of some manufacturers, Android-based devices more usually get around 2 years of updates. Not software updates, but security patches, I should say.

It does not matter when you purchase your smartphone, that general 3-year span of time begins when the smartphone model was first released to the public. The last update the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge got was the February security patch. The end is here, and salvation shall no longer come.

After that, no additional patches will be released. No software updates will be released, either. Samsung's 2015 lineup of smartphones is nearly entirely out the door. So if you're not worried about security whatsoever, the extreme discounts on these devices might now be right up your alley! But seriously, steer clear. It's not worth the risk, in any sense.