Steve Jobs Confirms Extension of AirPlay Features in 2011 - Safari, Third Party Apps, Etcetera

A fine fellow by the name of anonymous recently emailed everyone's best pal Apple CEO Steve Jobs with a question about the functionality of iOS's most recent update 4.2 which features AirPlay, allowing iDevices to stream video to Apple TV. Anon's question included suggestion of a future release of AirPlay in which it would be able to work with Safari and third party apps (this functionality currently exists, but only as a hack.) You know what Steve Jobs said? He said yep – 2011.

Take a peek at the transcript of the mail here if you're unable to view images:

Q: Hi, I recently updated both my iPhone 4 and iPad to 4.2. I think my favourite feature is airplay. This is seriously amazing and makes sharing content seamless. I just purchased Apple TV and was wondering are you ever going to make airplay video work for videos in safari and 3rd party apps? I hope to get a response. :) 

A: Yep, hope to add these features to Airplay in 2011.

If you'll take a ride back to [AirPlay Hack Now Enables All iDevice Apps to Send Video] or even [TUAW Hacks Apple TV – Now iOS Devices Can Play 3rd Party Video Over AirPlay] if you'd like to hack your way into having these special abilities right this moment. But be careful! Even though Apple promises you the ability to do these things in the future doesn't mean they won't get mad and blast your iDevice into oblivion if they catch you hacking around now. Caution as always!

[Via MacRumor]