SteelSeries Shift Keyboard Features Interchangeable Keys

While gamers may focus on one game, the one that takes all their time and attention, there's still others that like to take breaks and play other titles, too. Unfortunately, that may mean having to get your keyboard memorized for different keystrokes for different games. You won't find the same hotkeys in a First Person Shooter (FPS) title as you will a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) title, so it can be a hassle to switch, even if you want to. Thankfully, SteelSeries has an answer for you, and it's called The Shift.

The Shift keyboard features an interchangeable keyboard. The design is specifically meant for those who may change games frequently enough to warrant needing to specify which key does what in a more obvious fashion, instead of relying on just your memory. The keyboard features a built-in microphone, two USB ports (of which, one is powered), and an audio-out port.

As is normal for SteelSeries, the keyboard is said to be made to be sturdy, and should offer plenty of construction goodness for anyone who wants to pick one up. Pricing is set at $90 for the default keyboard, and it will cost you an additional $25 to get extra keysets.

[via CrunchGear]