Steam Movies, TV, Music teased: returning to the DEEP

The team at Valve responsible for expanding their command over the multimedia universe may well be making a bit move in the near future. Word from those that monitor the Steam database code suggests that additions have been made with the following keywords: video, film, music, TV series, and plugin.

The next big release from Steam is now up in the air. While we assumed that SteamOS would be pushed alongside its early 2014 big jump, there's more recent reason to believe that their own home-grown game-creation engine will be next.

That'd be Source2 engine, or Source Engine 2, however you prefer to read it. With a new generation in Source creation could very well be the next versions of each of Valve's big titles.

With Film, TV Series, and Music, on the other hand, we could be seeing another competitor for the likes of Google Play and Apple's iTunes. Or it could be that Valve is bringing the next generation in video game/ high-action film crossover along the likes of DEEP.

DEEP was revealed all the way back in 2012 when it appeared that it would be a major release. Since then we've gotten the Steam Music Beta for music while you game and "Indie Game: The Movie" – a movie you can buy on Steam.

Music, TV, and Movies are not a new idea for Valve. They've straight up mentioned them clearly in their SteamOS notes earlier this year. Have a peek here:

We'd be ready to roll with a whole collection of media releases through Steam Big Picture Mode and SteamOS with Steam Machines of all types. How about you?

VIA: SteamDB