Steam is down, it's not just you - but it is just the store

This morning Steam is down for the count. Not the entirety of Valve's gaming amalgamation, but the store alone. At this time it does not appear that the store's downtime will be affecting gameplay in any way. Please feel free to continue blasting your enemies and spinning up next to your opponents.

According to SteamStat, over 6 million people are online on Steam right this minute. Forums on Steam also appear to be down, while an average amount of users are logged on playing games. Again – do not fret, do not freak out.

An error occurred while processing your request.

Reference #97.fa9b5ecc.1406216486.f716312

You may have gotten the above error and a similar reference number as seen above when attempting to access any site under "SteamPowered". Steam Support has not yet set out official word on this incident, so we must assume it'll be short-lived.

Meanwhile you'll enjoy the new SteamOS controller if you do so dare, complete with a new thumbstick. It's everything you could have ever hoped for in a thumbstick on a SteamOS controller!