Star Wars comic sheds new light on Ochi, Sith dagger, and Exogol

The newest Darth Vader comic from Marvel Comics tapped into one of the most mysterious and awe-inspiring planets in the Star Wars universe: Exogol. Before now, we've only really learned about Exogol from the movie Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. In the latest Darth Vader comic series, we're seeing bits and pieces of Rise of Skywalker the theater cut of the film... didn't hit.

The Marvel Comics Darth Vader comic run by Pak, Ienco, and Menon began in the year 2020. This comic takes place after The Empire Strikes Back and will likely run right up to Return of the Jedi – or thereabouts. In comics number 7, 8, and 9, Darth Vader is hunted by Sith assassin Ochi of Bestoon.

Emperor Palpatine sent Ochi to hunt Darth Vader after he came to the conclusion that Darth Vader didn't reach as conclusive a confrontation with Luke Skywalker as he would have liked. Ochi is the same character Ray and crew "find" in Rise of Skywalker – implying that Ochi's involvement with the deepest, most massive secrets held by the Emperor are not yet completely revealed.

Darth Vader encounters a character originally meant for debut in The Rise of Skywalker, too. He finds the character "The Eye of Webbish Bogg" – a very, very strange looking character whose plot can still be read in the novelization of Rise of Skywalker.

Darth Vader obtains a Sith Wayfinder from The Eye, and Ochi tells Vader how to plug said wayfinder into his ship's navigation system. Ochi also tells Darth Vader that the wayfinder will show him the way to Exogol.

This does not explain how the Sith Dagger is completely nonsense in its unlocking of the location of another wayfinder on the Death Star II. But time will tell! Or the comic will tell, in book 10 – cross your fingers!