Stadia update adds Samsung Galaxy S8 up to S20, iOS Beta incoming

Samsung Galaxy S20 headed up the line of devices added to Stadia functionality in an update released this week. Starting February 20th, a wider variety of Android smartphones will be able to play Stadia with the Stadia app. This includes the ASUS ROG Phone 1, ASUS ROG Phone 2, Razer Phone, Razer Phone 2, and a variety of other Samsung smartphones.

A complete list of devices that work with the latest version of Google Stadia is included below. This system of phones focuses heavily on Samsung because Samsung phones are a combination of two elements: 1. They're very widely used, by a WHOLE lot of people. 2. They're all very similar in a set of basic ways that allow development on one to lend itself to the rest.

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Also Samsung is a massive company that's more than ready to work with Google to enable a system like this with relative ease. Because of this, we've got the following list.

Google Stadia compatible smartphones as of February 20, 2020:

• Samsung Galaxy S8 (see our original GS8 Review)

• Samsung Galaxy S8+

• Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

• Samsung Galaxy Note8

• Samsung Galaxy S9

• Samsung Galaxy S9+

• Samsung Galaxy Note9

• Samsung Galaxy S10

• Samsung Galaxy S10E

• Samsung Galaxy S10+

• Samsung Galaxy Note10

• Samsung Galaxy Note10+ (see our GN10+ review)

• Samsung Galaxy S20

• Samsung Galaxy S20+

• Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

• Razer Phone

• Razer Phone 2 (see our RP2 review)

• ASUS ROG Phone


• Google Pixel 2

• Google Pixel 3

• Google Pixel 3a

• Google Pixel 4 (see our GP4 review)

Stadia also works with the Google Chromecast Ultra, which enables functionality with basically any television or monitor with HDMI input. You'll also be able to play on tablets, laptops, and desktops, with the Stadia Founder's Edition, Stadia Premiere Edition, or a Stadia Buddy Pass.

If you're on iOS and you wish to participate with the Beta testing program for your iPhone or iPad for Google Stadia, head over to Google Preview Apps. There you'll be able to sign up. According to sources familiar with the subject speaking with SlashGear this week, the Google Stadia gameplay Beta testing period for iOS devices will be starting in late Q1 at earliest, with a more likely small-scale beta launch in Q2, 2020. This timeframe is also subject to change – we'll just have to wait and see!