Sprint iPhone 4 Now Possible?

We're here at the Verizon event in New York city and whilst pondering the decisions made for the iPhone 4 being on Verizon with no 4G LTE connectedness, we are also setting our minds to another point — there was a question about the CDMA being exclusive to Verizon and the answer was no! The agreement between Verizon and Apple on this phone is a multi-year non-exclusive agreement. What does that mean? We've got a bit of a hunch – six letters and another big company away, what do you think about a Sprint iPhone 4? And what does that mean for the exclusiveness of Apple?

As you might already be aware, Apple has basically blasted off into space over the past few years with production and cashing in on their closed model brand and stores. Does this non-exclusive deal portend the future of a larger range and openness of both brand and network? Or is it just a bigger spread for the sales of the closed set of products?

Also keep in mind that the only reason this Verizon iPhone 4 doesn't have 4G LTE speeds running on it is the fact that Apple refused to move in any direction on the design of the phone's hardware, giving Verizon no choice but to release the phone on their already-fully-functional 3G network.

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