Verizon iPhone 4 vs AT&T iPhone 4

Now that the iPhone 4 has been officially announced for Verizon's network, many potential customers are going to be asking an obvious question: what's different? While all of the details regarding the phone are still a mystery, more or less, we do know that, for the most part, the iPhone 4 on Verizon is pretty much the same exact phone that's currently available, and has been available on AT&T's network for some time now. However, there are some changes, so let's go ahead and run through them.

First and foremost, and the one feature that was pointed out the most, is the new 3G Mobile Hotspot that's coming pre-loaded on all Verizon iPhone 4 devices. It will work as a standard mobile hotspot feature, just as we've seen in other devices — especially on Verizon's network. It will allow you to connect up to 5 other devices, and then use Verizon's network to access data.

As for the physical design of the device, it looks like the iPhone 4 on AT&T's network. Same industrial design, and most importantly, the same antenna. However, there were two points made on stage regarding the antenna. First, that Verizon's CDMA-based network is strong enough that customers won't have to worry about dropped calls, or degrading signal. And lastly, without out-right saying it, that the device features a slightly altered top antenna bar. No details were given, but it seems that at least a small amount of changes were indeed made to the antenna (outside of the obvious, CDMA-related alterations), and both Verizon and Apple are confident in the results.

And that seems to be it. We're getting our hands-on time with the device right now at Verizon's announcement event, so if we see or notice anything different, we'll be sure to add it to this list.