Sprint HTC Arrive is rebranded HTC 7 Pro due tomorrow?

Chris Davies - Feb 23, 2011
Sprint HTC Arrive is rebranded HTC 7 Pro due tomorrow?

The HTC 7 Pro may well be headed to Sprint tomorrow – based on the carrier’s broad teases earlier this week – but it seems it won’t be keeping the same name. Sprint has apparently proved unable to resist a rebranding opportunity, and going by the new placeholder at sprint.com/arrive, it looks like the Windows Phone 7 smartphone will launch as the Sprint HTC Arrive.

If that wasn’t enough for you, Engadget has heard from its own independent tipster that the Arrive is indeed the Sprint-specific, branded version of the 7 Pro, and that it will indeed make its official debut on Thursday this week. HTC showed off the CDMA smartphone back in October, at the official launch of Windows Phone 7, and we’ve already reviewed the GSM version for the European market.

That turned out to be one of the best Windows Phones we’ve used, with a tactile, speed-friendly keyboard and solid slider-hinge construction. With Sprint (or Verizon, for that matter) yet to offer a single Windows Phone device, all remains to be seen is how the carrier prices the Arrive.

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