SprayCare Band is a hand sanitizer blaster

Spider-Man invented a wrist-based blaster of webbing for those times when the webbing isn't part of the whole radioactive spider setup. Now, thanks to the folks behind the SprayCare Band, you can basically have that tool, but with hand sanitizer instead of webbing. You definitely should NOT use this thing to spray fellow humans in their faces.

Per the creators of this band, led by Eduardo Del Rio, this SprayCare Band is "a comfortable and lightweight personal hand sanitizer dispenser with one of the latest generation atomizers to electronically spray the disinfectant at the touch of a button." Per the simple description of the device, you'll need only "touch, spray and be safe."

If you've got your eye on the history of wrist-based electronics, you might recall a device called the Samsung Galaxy Gear. If what we're seeing with the SprayCare Band is indicative of the final product's size and shape, the SprayCare Band will be roughly as comfortable as that old Samsung device, if not a bit more unwieldly.

The SprayCare Band atomizes disinfectant and sprays forward, under the hand of the user. Unlike the Spider-Man web-blaster, this SprayCare Band does not automatically fire when the user's active-hand creates the combination of American Sign Language symbols for i, l, y – normally creating the common sign for "I Love You." This device requires a second hand.

With one's second hand, a touch sensor is activated on the band, and disinfectant spray eschews forth from the active hand's wrist. The user needs to be prepared to recharge the device from time to time, as the spray sequence is powered with a rechargeable battery within the wrist-based device.

Per the Kickstarter for this project, prospective users could drop approximately $31 on an "Early Bird" special for one of these devices. Assuming the project accomplishes its goals, this $31 band is expected to be delivered in March of 2021.