Spotify for Nokia N900 [Video]

Nokia's N900 is already enticing developers, but right now there's not the same compelling catalog of applications as you might find, say, in the iPhone's App Store.  Happily that just leaves room for Maemo coders to fill with their own apps, such as a homebrew open-source Spotify application.Video demo after the cut

The app is the handiwork of Qt developer Eskil, who took the open-source despotify client and then created his own custom GUI for Maemo 5 in Qt 4.6.  The end result is, unsurprisingly, named qtspotify, and available for anybody with early access to an N900 to download here.

despotify (and therefore qtspotify) use the official Spotify API, and as such require a premium account in order to gain access to the streaming media catalog.  Still, you'll need the same thing in order to use the Android or iPhone clients, so no great loss there.  We'll be testing qtspotify out on our own N900 review unit, and will follow up with just how easy it is to use.