Spotify Adding United States to Future Subscribers in Third Quarter 2010

We wouldn't necessarily say that Spotify, a music streaming service in Europe with more than 7 million subscribers, has had a rough history. In fact, with 7 million subscribers and 325,000 of those being paid subscribers, we'd say the service is doing really well for itself. Of course, anyone who's been paying attention to the service's touch-and-go dialogue about coming to the States knows that it's been a long time coming. It doesn't help that it got approved for Apple's App Store, for use on the iPod Touch and iPhone, across the pond either. But, it looks like all of that is about to change.

According to Paul Brown, Spotify's Senior Vice President, the company is currently in talks with several United States-based partners in preparation to bring the subscription service to the local shores by the third quarter of 2010. Brown says the company is busy buying up server space in random parts of the States. And while all that is going on, there is talks occurring to cover the licensing deals that need to go in place long before anything can get launched. Spotify is already in long-term partnerships with the major labels and publishers out there, so it would seem the hard part has already been accomplished.

The Spotify service is tiered, so while it may have 7 million subscribers, those 7 million all take advantage of the music streaming application in different ways. As we mentioned ,325,000 currently pay for their uninterrupted service. And that seems to be the main focus of many people who would like to say that paying for "commercial free" music is pointless. But there are others who would say paying a minimal amount of money per year to get a wide variety, plus the ability to skip, save favorite bands, as well as ban artists is very worth the cost. Where are you on this? If Spotify shows up stateside, are you going to be one of the first to download it?

[via Boy Genius Report]