Splash Cars channels Splatoon for Android and iOS

Chris Burns - Feb 8, 2016, 10:11 am CST
Splash Cars channels Splatoon for Android and iOS

Developer Craneballs releases game Splash Cars for iOS and Android, channeling the Nintendo Wii game Splatoon in the process. This game has its users driving tiny cars and trucks, rolling around maps that are subsequently covered in paint. This game follows the “paint road racer”, you, the hero. In your mission you’ll not only paint the world red (or blue, or green), you’ll summon friendly citizens to help you. You’ll be at war with your fellow paint racers – it’s up to you to re-create and paint the world in your image.

As Android Police mention, this game is only single-player, but the door is wide open for expansion. The game is also only available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, at the moment – the developers need only to flip the switch on the Android TV and Apple TV components of the game to make it an awesome mobile/TV sort of situation.

What we’re looking forward to here is other games that are inspired by titles that’ve already proven themselves on larger platforms, but specifically plan on NEVER coming to mobile platforms.

We’re looking at you, Nintendo.

We want the full collection. These games are not difficult to port, as emulators will attest.

We’re talking Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time. We’re talking Super Mario 64, Super Smash Bros (original), Mario Kart 64.

We want Majoras Mask. Double-oh seven – Golden Eye, Donkey Kong!

Paper Mario, Pokemon Stadium, and Conkers’s Bad Fur Day!

Meanwhile, the creators of Splatoon in cars – I mean Splash Cars – have also brought on such underground hits as “Gun Master” and “Overkill”. If you’ve not explored this developer’s collection of games, you’re missing out on some of the best shooter games you’ve probably never heard of for mobile devices. Head to their Google Play or iOS App Store to see the full set. Don’y miss Cube Worm while you’re there.

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