NVIDIA SHIELD TV Gets Marshmallow, Original Tablet Soon

Continuing its tradition of being a good Android citizen, NVIDIA is rolling out the good news about its SHIELD devices and their long awaited Android 6.0 Marshmallow update. After grabbing the title of the first non-Nexus tablet to get Android Marshmallow for its shiny new SHIELD Tablet K1, NVIDIA is announcing the arrival of the update to its first, and so far only, Android TV. But the SHIELD isn't just getting a new Android, it's getting new games and apps as well.

One of the most notable changes that Android 6.0 brings to the table, at least as far as NVIDIA's SHIELD gaming devices are concerned, is the new external storage setup. MicroSD cards can now be treated as internal storage, though they have to be (re-)formatted from the beginning as such. Of course that won't magically make those cards read or write faster, but at least for the Android system, it will only see one larger storage space.

As for the new games, that is being headed by Metal Gear Risiing: Revengeance, the brutal slashing game that takes the point of view of the cyborg Raiden. Starting January 7, SHIELD owners will be able to purchase and play the game not from their PCs, not even from their consoles, but from their Android TV. UltraFlix also joins the band of merry Android media apps, bringing its library of 4K videos to the platform.

At this point, you might be asking about NVIDIA's other SHIELD devices. Good news for owners of the original SHIELD Tablet, as the company revealed that they are, indeed, working on a Marshmallow update for it. When that will land, however, is still anyone's guess. As for the SHIELD Portable, there is no word on NVIDIA's very first Android gaming devie.