Sony's QWERTY-Toting Google TV Controller Gets Early Demo

You know what the living room needs?  More buttons; enough of them to sufficiently confuse any adult over the age of 29 so thoroughly that they run, weeping to the bathroom.  Happily Sony is jumping in to sate our hunger for tiny keys, with ABC previewing the company's upcoming Google TV remote control in its Nightline special.

Not only do you get a full QWERTY keyboard and a fulsome row of media control keys, but there are dedicated channel and volume rockers and a pair of directional pads.  The pad on the left looks to control menu navigation – with a center select key – while the pad on the right looks to have shortcuts and the "back" button.

It's a mighty impressive beast, that's for sure, and we're looking forward to hearing all the details at Sony's official Google TV press event on October 12th.  To tide you over, if you're in the US you can watch the Nightline footage courtesy of Hulu.

[via Engadget]