Sony Walkman OLED touchscreen video: super-smooth

A video demonstrating Sony's OLED touchscreen – as used on the new Sony Walkman – in silky-smooth action has emerged, courtesy of  The clip demonstrates menu animations and transitions that certainly seem to be on a par with the iPhone and iPod touch, perhaps the first time we can say that about a rival PMP.Video demo after the cut

The PMP – which is known variously as the Sony NWZ-X1000, NWZ-X1050, NWZ-X1051, NWZ-X1060 and NWZ-X1061 Walkman – has a 3-inch WQVGA 432 x 240 OLED touchscreen, up to 32GB of storage and WiFi b/g.  For full specifications see here.

The big question now is why Sony haven't accommodated gaming on the Walkman, as the interface and display quality would certainly seem to welcome it.  It's expected to arrive in the UK on May 10th.

[via Sony Insider]