Sony X-series OLED Walkman gets shipping date update from UK

Sony's answer to iPod Touch lacks screen real estate at 0.5 inch smaller in diagonal. The full disclosure from Hk's Sonystyle revealed a 3-inch AMOLED touchscreen, much smaller and pocket-friendly X-series Walkman with a fully digital noise cancellation to rival Apple iTouch. There isn't much updates on this breathtaking device from here, and all we know is it's coming this Summer. Most of the development were contributed from UK, and the latest news over there is it could be out as early as May 10th.

Sony Insider dug deep into UK Amazon and reported a new release date for the X-series Walkman is now projecting at May 10th. Interestingly, there's no press cover on the X-series in motherland so far; nothing is certain at this point, though I have gut feeling that it will first debut and ship immediately in Japan when the time comes.

In the meantime, enjoy the quick video review of the new X-series Walkman.