Sony VAIO Ultra Mobile device "coming soon"

Sony Japan have kicked off a teaser campaign for a "VAIO New Ultra Mobile" that's apparently imminently ready for announcement.  No details on the device itself are given, though there's a cryptic paperclip included on the teaser banner that some are suggesting might be a reference to clipping papers in a tablet-style manner, or alternatively might represent some sort of multi-folding device.

Back in March, Sony execs confirmed that they were looking into the development of segment-spanning devices similar to how the iPad has crossed device boundaries.  The WSJ suggested that a hybrid netbook/ereader/PSP style device was in the works, along with a new gaming handheld collaboration with Sony Ericsson in which Sony themselves would have a greater hand.

Of course, it could also be an updated VAIO P or similar netbook-sized notebook, using newer Intel chips.  There's even speculation that the venerable VAIO UX UMPC might be making a comeback.

[via Pocketables]