Sony VAIO Netbook keyboard photos emerge

Chris Davies - Dec 30, 2008
Sony VAIO Netbook keyboard photos emerge

Sony Japan’s ‘VAIO New Mobile’ teaser campaign – otherwise known as “this is the netbook we’re announcing at CES 2009” – has added two new images for us to obsess over.  Both detail the upcoming netbook’s keyboard, which appears to bear a strong resemblance to that on the VAIO TT/TZ only with the addition of a trackpoint control stub.

Second picture after the cut

The images were lodged in a flash presentation; previously, the Sony Japan site has confirmed the form factor as seen at the FCC

While the netbook market has seen serious growth over the past twelve months, alternative mouse control methods are still rare.  Despite the space required, trackpads are still the usual interface; that either puts Sony’s netbook at a disadvantage, since it seemingly lacks one, or at an advantage, catering for those buyers who prefer a trackpoint control.

[via Pocketables]

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