Sony translucent mirror DSLR prototype gets covetable casing

Sony has been showing off a new translucent mirror DSLR camera prototype in Japan this week, borrowing the same technology from the A33 and A55 cameras announced last year, and capable of live image previews and auto-focus in both still and video modes. Impress snapped some shots of the prototype, which is clad in a suitably transparent plastic shell.

According to Sony, the camera has a new EXMOR APS HD CMOS sensor and is capable of Full HD video recording, with clips in AVCHD format. Thanks to the translucent mirror – which splits the optical pathway between the main image sensor and a separate phase-detection autofocus sensor – those clips will always be in focus.

Full hardware details aren't available – only what little is at the Japanese preview site – but Sony says the new camera will be out sometime this year. Sadly we doubt the retail model will keep the slick transparent shell.