Sony super-fast CMOS promises 17.7MP 120fps video capture

Sony has apparently developed a super-fast CMOS sensor for use in digital cameras and cellphones, which can process images five times faster than its predecessors. The unnamed sensor, The Nikkei [registration required] reports, is able to "convert multiple pixels into signals simultaneously," and in the process scythes conversion times by 75-percent.

In fact, Sony is apparently boasting of 34.8 Gbps image processing speeds, while video capture reaches 17.7-megapixels at 120 fps. Although you could expect a high-speed CMOS to also drink power at a similarly rapid rate, Sony has also done work to bring that down to reasonable levels.

Unfortunately, there's no word on when the new Sony sensors might make it out of the labs and into devices. The image above is of older Sony EXMOR sensors.

[via CrunchGear]