Sony Exmor R 16.41MP back-illuminated CMOS for cellphones due Jan 2011

Sony has unveiled a pair of back-illuminated CMOS camera modules intended for cellphones, the largest of which promises 16.41-megapixel resolution.  The 16.41MP Sony Exmor R IMX081PQ and the 8.13MP Sony Exmor R IMX105PQ are each the smallest in their size classes, with the higher-resolution sensor getting a new photo diode layout to accommodate the tiny 1.12μm pixel size without color mixing.

Thanks to the back-illumination technology, there's increased sensitivity and lower noise in the final shots, and the sensors are capable of shooting Full HD video (1080p 30fps or 720p 60fps) as well.  Each CMOS has a matching lens assembly, the IU081F and IU105F2, with F.26 and F2.4 respectively and each having an equivalent focal length of 28mm.

Both Sony sensors and their lenses will ship in 2011, with the exact timescales in the gallery below.  Sony expects the 16.41-megapixel CMOS to be a roughly $30 component, while the 8.13-megapixel CMOS will be roughly $18.