Sony S1 And S2 Tablets Heading To Europe In September?

You remember the Sony S1 and S2 tablets, right? One looks like a folded back magazine while the other takes on a clamshell form factor. Just last week, the two tablets had cleared the FCC, which revealed the S1 to come in four variations and the S2 to come with AT&T HSPA+ support. Now, a leaked internal note from Sony's marketing group may have outed the release timeframe for the two tablets.

The guys over at Engadget were shown the private note, which highlighted the timeline for an unnamed Sony tablet that will hit the UK first. According to the note, the tablet is due out for pre-orders starting in August and will ship by the end of September. The tablet is said to be available at launch through Sony Direct, UK retailer John Lewis, and another unconfirmed retailer. Other retailers will start carrying the tablet after the Christmas holiday.

There aren't any details in the note that specifically indicate whether it's referring to the S1 or the S2. But it does say that it will stack up well against the iPad and offers up some "unique design features." Both Sony tablets feature unique designs, but the S1 may be closest in resembling the iPad. The S1 has a 9.4-inch touchscreen while the S2 has two 5.5-inch touchscreens that fold close. Do either of these tablets excite you?

[via Engadget]