Sony PS3 Slim teardowns splay new console's guts [Video]

With Sony's PS3 Slim showing up for sale all over, and word from the company themselves that retailers have been given the green light to begin swapping cash for consoles, it's only right and fair that the trusty teardown teams begin their dismantling.  Both iFixit and Rapid Repair have had their screwdrivers on standby in the run up to the new PS3 Slim's release, and along with the warning that a teardown "should not be used as disassembly instructions" have set to work stripping the console to its component parts.Video of teardown process after the cut

Surprises inside are few and far between – oh, what we would've given for a few unexpected Steampunk-style cogs! – but there's a huge fan and a smaller processor.  Rapid Repair also highlight the fact that Sony are preparing a larger-capacity PS3 Slim, the 250GB CECH-2000B.

Now, while the sites may be dissuading you from using these teardown photosets as a true disassembly guide, they could come in useful if you're interesting in swapping out the standard 120GB hard-drive for a more capacious alternative.  Sony exec John Koller has already confirmed that doing so won't invalidate your new PS3 Slim warranty, so now seems an ideal time to whip out the hidden hard-drive screw and slot in a 500GB drive instead.