Sony PS3 firmware v3.40 gets video editing, Facebook integration, more

Sony has released the latest firmware update for the PS3, v3.40, which brings with it support for PlayStation Plus subscriptions, a network-based photo sharing gallery browser which supports images pulled from Facebook and Picasa, and a Video Editor and Uploader tool allowing footage stored on the console to be chopped up, saved and uploaded directly to YouTube or Facebook.  Going hand-in-hand with the new PS3 firmware is a new Facebook app.PS3 v3.40 screenshot gallery after the cut

That app can automatically display a gamer's PlayStation Network profile on their Facebook account, together with flagging up which friends also have PSN accounts and send them a PlayStation Network friend request.  The app also shows PSN friends' online status and adds the PlayStation Network application tab to the Facebook user profile.

Finally there's a five-star rating system that allows PS3 owners to rate the content they've downloaded from the PlayStation Store.  The new PS3 v3.40 firmware is spilling out to consoles now, while the new Facebook app is here.