Sony PlayStation Orbis ‘dismisses legacy games’ altogether

Chris Burns - Mar 30, 2012
Sony PlayStation Orbis ‘dismisses legacy games’ altogether

This week we’ve seen quite a bit of fury over the idea that not just the next PlayStation, but the Xbox 720 too, would possibly do away with “used” game use. Have a peek at the post PlayStation Orbis and Xbox 720 both restrict “used” games and hear this: we’ve got another anonymous tip on the PlayStation side of things that may very well make you even more wild if that first news bit got your goat. According to a source we’re speaking with, the Orbis will not be working with any games from previous consoles at all, depending solely on games that are release after the console itself.

Where previous generation PlayStation consoles had seen game integration from previous consoles, we’re now receiving word that this will be the end of such a practice from Sony. If the PlayStation – if it will indeed still be called that when Sony moves on with the “Orbis” name scheme – does indeed only work with new games, will you still be apt to purchase a console? This should be no different from when the world switched from cartridge games to disks, right?

As our anonymous source (who suggests they’re close to the action with Sony) notes, very briefly,

“the Orbis dismisses legacy games. No word yet on if game downloads will be compatible, possibility exists for Vita-like store with older games for download.” – Anonymous

What do you think, folks, time for downloads only? If Sony moves to a downloads-only model for older games – somewhat like what’s happened with Nintendo’s original Wii (sans the Gamecube integration), will you work with it? Or will you be tough and hang tight with the PlayStation 3 forever?

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