Sony nasne PVR delayed after hard-drive damage

Sony has confirmed that its nasne networked PVR has been delayed, blaming unexpected damage to internal components and a shortfall in quality inspections at the factory. nasne, which can stream live TV and recorded content from its integrated tuners and 500GB hard-drive to the PS3 and other hardware, was expected to go on sale this Thursday in Japan, but Sony now says there will be a postponement of unspecified length.

According to Sony's press release, the hard-drive inside nasne is the victim of the damage. Problems arising during transportation are blamed, though Sony also says that the factories responsible for producing nasne apparently skipped some of the quality inspections that might have identified the issues earlier.

Meanwhile, the v1.50 system update Sony had also scheduled for this week will be postponed as well. The new firmware will enable interconnectivity between nasne and Sony's existing torne, as well as allow Xperia smartphones and tablets to remotely access content funneled across from the set-top box.

Sony hasn't given a new date for nasne availability, and nor has the company said whether it will be releasing the STB outside of Japan.

[via Kotaku Japan]