PS3 nasne update boosts console's media credentials

Sony has announced an incoming media-centric update to the PlayStation 3, bringing the console up to speed for the new nasne networked recorder and NAS. Revealed back in April, nasne will hit Japanese shelves on July 19 along with system software update v1.5, allowing the PS3 to stream live and recorded content from the STB to their console, and introducing smartphone browser support for remote control. However, Sony will also begin collaboration with other companies on open DLNA support.

Sony says it plans to "proactively collaborate with DLNA client software developers to enhance compatibility between their software and nasne, so that users can enjoy even more content on their devices through the media server features." That could mean the tuner-enabled box ends up useful even to those without a PS3; Sony had already said it would be streaming content from nasne to VAIO computers, its Smart TVs, and its Xperia phones.

The new update will also enable inter-compatibility between nasne and torne, and Sony has partnered with Japanese content providers SKY PerfecTV ! e2 and WOWOW. How nasne is presented to other devices via DLNA is also customizable, with user-selectable icons and a client management tool.

nasne is a compact tuner and DVR box, with integrated terrestrial and satellite digital tuners and a 500GB hard-drive. It hooks up to a wired network and can stream live and recorded content to multiple DLNA devices, while remote access from a web-based client is also supported. A USB 2.0 port supports adding extra storage.

Sony is yet to confirm whether nasne will go on sale outside of Japan, though the fact that the v1.5 software update announcement has been pushed out both in Japanese and English (which is not always the case) might imply that there are international launch plans on the drawing board. The STB is priced at 16,980 yen ($214).