Sony Motion Controller for PS3 unveiled

It's not just the PSP Go!; Sony have also got something new for PlayStation 3 owners, too, in the shape of their own take on a motion controller.  A mere day after Microsoft announced their "Project Natal" system for Xbox 360, Sony's PlayStation Motion Controller offers 1-to-1 recognition by tracking a glowing purple ball on the end of a controller stick, using a PS Eye camera.Video demo after the cut

The controller-stick also has a trigger and other buttons, though the full controls are unclear at present; still, the system is in prototype stage so all that could change by the time it hits the market.  Sony demonstrated a first-person shooter and a drawing app using the controller, which seems to offer above-Wii accuracy.

According to Sony, the PlayStation Motion Controller for PS3 will launch in Spring 2010, which is around about the same sort of timescale we're expecting Project Natal for Xbox 360 to arrive.  No word on pricing as yet, though we reckon a stick with a bulb on the end is probably cheaper for Sony to produce than Microsoft's complex camera, sensor and microphone array.