Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pureness Unveiled, Probably Should Have Stayed Veiled

Sony Ericsson"released the X2 yesterday, but it looks like they couldn't let things go on a good note. Well, maybe not a good note. Let's call it a rational note. After seeing this video of the XPERIA Pureness, we're not sure what to think. There's definitely some interesting aspects to it, but just one look at the phone, and you've got to tell yourself that the cost is surely going to outweigh any feature set this device could have.

When the Rachael was announced, there was also this little, strange looking device codenamed "Kiki" that came along for the ride. Well, now it looks like the Kiki received a name change, but nothing much else changed with it. We've still got a translucent display, and numbered buttons that hide unless called upon. With Sony Ericsson's new brand direction Make Believe, the Pureness definitely fits right in.

The Pureness is apparently designed to be more of a work of art, rather than technology, which also hits the nail right on the head. The video showcases some of the display's functionality, and yes, you can see through it. What's lacking is any kind of audio, so don't think your speakers are broken. It's silent for a reason. What that reason is, your guess is as good as ours.

[via UnWired View]