Sony Ericsson Robyn mini Android phone spotted again

Having broken cover for the first time yesterday, we've now got a second in-the-wild sighting of the Sony Ericsson Robyn, believed to be the company's "mini" version of the XPERIA X10.  Over at French site PointGPhone they've snapped the Robyn cavorting with an iPhone, and looking seriously dwarfed in the process.

Unfortunately the site doesn't actually have any more specifications about the Robyn, and so we're left pretty much as in-the-dark about the handset as we were before.  So far we've heard it – like the X10 – runs Android and has a touchscreen, but beyond that nothing.

Thanks to the angle of some of these new images we can see the Robyn has both a USB connection (micro USB probably) and what looks like a 3.5mm headphones jack.  There also seem to be volume controls and a camera shortcut on the side.  Anyone know anything more about this mysterious mini-smartphone?