Sony Ericsson Robyn (aka XPERIA 10 mini?) caught in wild

Chris Davies - Jan 6, 2010, 11:19 am CST
Sony Ericsson Robyn (aka XPERIA 10 mini?) caught in wild

Now here’s an interesting little leak for Sony Ericsson aficionados: GSMArena have been sent a couple of in-the-wild shots of what’s tipped to be the Sony Ericsson Robyn (presumably an internal codename), a mini version of the XPERIA X10.  Details on the new smartphone are scant, though we know it has a touchscreen and runs Android.

Beyond that we’re guessing this is targeted at a more mid- or entry-level market than the XPERIA X10, with a lower resolution camera than that flagship’s 8.1-megapixel autofocus snapper.  Still, HSPA, WiFi and Bluetooth should all make an appearance, and we’d assume both Timescape and Mediascape will do too.

Sony Ericsson made no bones about the fact that the XPERIA X10 would be the first in a range of new Android devices, targeting various price and usability points.  We’ll not take this Robyn information at face value quite yet, but assuming they can bring it to market sooner rather than later we’ll never argue with more choice in Android devices.

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