Sony Ericsson president leaves due to losses

The economy is hitting tech companies pretty hard, especially those that lack a well-defined product line up. That seems to be what has caused damage to Sony Ericsson who just lost their North American president, Najimi Jarwala, today.

Jarwala spent three years with the company. The announcement officially stated that he was leaving in order to venture out into new career paths, but that seems to merely be a polite cover story.

The real reason for Jarwala's departure is most likely tied up in the $461 million estimated loss the company experienced during this quarter alone. In fact, the number might reach as high as $529 when all is said and done. Consumer interest in Sony Ericsson has lessened greatly over the past several months, resulting in a dramatic loss of sales. Sony Ericsson is now being run by VP Anders Runevad, at least until a new president is selected.