Sony Ericsson C905 hit 30% return rate

Above average return rates of Sony Ericsson's flagship C905 cellphone in the UK have left the company issuing both apologies and potentially compensation.  Return rates as high as 30-percent were recorded in some areas, with common problems including software freezes and speaker faults.

"We understand the specific quality issues were on early [batches of] C905 handsets in 2008, and we rapidly implemented steps to resolve the particular elements that caused concern, such as the speaker phone problems" Nathan Vautier, managing director, Sony Ericsson UK and Ireland

The high levels of dissatisfaction prompted several operators to seek "considerable compensation" from Sony Ericsson, over losses in finance and goodwill.  No specific details of this compensation have been released, however.

According to Sony Ericsson, the faults affected early production of the C905, and were quickly addressed in later batches.  The slider-handset boasted both media playback and high-quality images thanks to an 8-megapixel camera.

[via Daily Mobile]