Sony Ericsson denies XPERIA Ice Cream Sandwich plans

Sony Ericsson has denied reports that it confirmed the 2011 XPERIA Android range would all get updated to Ice Cream Sandwich, Google's next-gen version of the OS expected to be released in October or November. According to SoMobile, a UK spokesperson told them that current-gen XPERIA devices would get Android 4.0; however, Sony Ericsson's press team says that no such decision has been made.

"When it comes to future platforms of the Android OS, we will make them available to consumers in a timely manner," the company told SlashGear, "as long as they improve the user experience and are viable from a hardware point of view." Right now, though, there's no official policy that Sony Ericsson is sharing on upgrades.

That could well be an issue of specifications. The company's range this year has worked from a 1GHz processor baseline, but Sony Ericsson is yet to shift from single-core chips to dual-cores; it's unclear whether Ice Cream Sandwich will require more than one core or not, since Google is yet to release minimum specifications.

Sony Ericsson has been working hard to improve its reputation for software upgrades, after a dismal showing around the first generation of handsets that left many owners frustrated and angry. The 2011 range of devices has seen more timely updates, and Sony Ericsson even changed its mind and promised Gingerbread for the XPERIA X10 having originally said the device would be left behind.