Sony CMT-LX30iR: iPod dock, USB & easy CD rips

Chris Davies - Mar 10, 2009, 4:43am CDT
Sony CMT-LX30iR: iPod dock, USB & easy CD rips

Hot on the heals of the Sony CMT-Z100iR comes another iPod dock with the same slot-loading CD drive and slightly-relaxed-obelisk styling.  The Sony CMT-LX30-iR is a more compact speaker dock, but still offers USB playback, MP3 CD support, an FM/AM tuner, line-in and quick CD to USB sync.

The latter feature allows you to instantly copy a CD onto a USB device, hopefully in MP3 rather than ATRAC format or anything else, with the touch of a single button.  Integrated amplification is bedroom rather than ballroom level, being 5Wx2, but there are rock/pop/flat/jazz preset EQs too.

It’s already listed at Amazon Germany, where it retails for €161.50 ($205), but according to Sony Insider it’s more likely to cost around $150 when it launches in the US.  It could also get a name-change too, to the CMT-LX30i or CMT-LX3.

[via Sony Insider]

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