Sony CMT-Z100iR iPod & CD speaker system leaks

Sony are preparing to launch a high-end iPod and iPhone speaker dock, with integrated CD player and higher than typical sound quality.  The Sony CMT-Z100iR has a dock for your Apple PMP, together with a slot-loading CD player on top and a USB port to hook up other media players.

The integrated stereo speakers are rated at 20W each, and there's Sony's S-MASTER digital amplifier system with Bass Boost and tweakable bass/treble settings.  The whole thing can be wall-mounted, has an integrated FM/AM radio, and comes with a compact remote control.

There's also an audio-in port for using with your laptop or another music source.  No word on specific availability for the Sony CMT-Z100iR but it's expected to retail between $150 and $200.