Sonos dual Sub home theater setups are now supported

Sonos is adding support for two subwoofers in a home theater setup, allowing those wanting maximum bass to wirelessly connect two Sonos Sub to the system. The update will double up the low-end for those with bigger rooms – or just an unstinting appetite for bass in their action movies – while keeping it all wireless still.

According to Sonos, the new feature is actually a frequent request from its customers, along with professional installers who use Sonos components. Although not necessary for a home theater setup, the powered subwoofer nonetheless can help make things more immersive.

Slick integration of the Sub into a home theater setup has long been one of Sonos' boasts. With the latest Arc soundbar, for example, not only does the wireless subwoofer automatically bolster the low-end, but the Arc will intelligently modify its EQ profile accordingly. This new dual Sub support will work when the subwoofer is paired with an Arc, Beam, Playbar, Playbase, or Amp.

There's some small-print to consider, mind. The biggest consideration is that at least one of the Subs in the home theater setup will need to be a Sub (Gen 3) model, which Sonos announced alongside Arc in May of this year. It has more processing power onboard, which Sonos says is needed for the twin-subwoofer configuration.

You'll also need to be running the Sonos S2 app – and corresponding firmware – on the whole system. Twin Sub support is being added as an update today, so you'll need to run the Sonos app and install the newest firmware version in order to pair two Subs in one home theater setup.

The Sub (Gen 3) is priced at $699, so with a pair of them, an Arc, and a couple of One SL for rear surround duties you're currently looking at around $2,475.

If you don't need Arc's voice control, however, there's a slightly cheaper option for the soundbar. The Sonos Arc SL Shadow Edition will be a Costco exclusive when it arrives at the members-only retailer later in December, and drops the integrated microphones of the regular Arc. It's also being offered in an exclusive finish. It'll be priced at $749.99, a $50 saving over the standard Arc.