Sonim XP1 ruggedized cellphone gets hammered online

If you're the sort of person who gets a thrill from things such as the Samsung SSD drop test video (and we're not judging you, as we do too) then you might enjoy watching the regular battering that Sonim's XP1 ruggedized cellphone is currently receiving.  The handset – also known as the JCB Toughphone – has been made the star of its own online reality TV show but, unlike in most other such shows, the audience really is getting to see what they want: the star being battered with a great big hammer.Sonim XP1 test videos – starring an elephant, no less – after the cut

Sonim have set up a mechanized hammer that they're calling, somewhat melodramatically, "The Destroyer".  It's job is to batter away at the XP1 until it breaks; you can test out the current status of the handset by ringing it. 

It's the latest in a range of stunts, including stomping the XP1 with an elephant and giving it a good going-over with a dredger.  The Sonim XP1 is available now, unlocked, priced at £249 ($393); I'd ask them for an unhammered one, though.

Sonim XP1 elephant test:

Sonim XP1 dredger test: