Samsung SSD Drop Test Demo Video: 3 story fall and still boots

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This is Steve Weinger, senior marketing manager for flash memory at Samsung.  In his hand is a Samsung SSD; off to the right is a three-story drop.  Since solid-state memory is always being credited with extra durability over traditional drives, Steve introduces the SSD to the drop by launching it off the side of the building.  Check out the video after the cut.

Waiting at ground level is a laptop and a man with a screwdriver.  Despite the fall, the SSD – which is a non-ruggedized, standard drive – boots up no problem, something I don't think could be said for a platter-based drive.

The demo is perhaps a little clichéd (though I bet, like me, you get a little shiver of pleasure at seeing a relatively expensive device being thrown off a building) but it does tell you a lot about why SSDs are such good news for mobility and portable computing.  Faced with the prospect of dropping my laptop, I know which technology I'd prefer to have storing all my documents.