Some Nexus 6P owners report spontaneously cracking “visors”

JC Torres - Nov 9, 2015, 1:30am CST
Some Nexus 6P owners report spontaneously cracking “visors”

Could the honeymoon phase really be over so quickly? Is the Nexus 6P really starting to show its warts and imperfections which Google managed to so skillfully hide since it unveiled Huawei‘s pleasantly surprising champion? If you’ve been following the recent flood of successful and failed bend tests, that might seem to be the case. Here’s another wrench to throw in. The smarpthone’s camera glass, which has been nicknamed a “visor” because of its appearance, have been reported to be spontaneously cracking for some users for no immediately apparent reason.

Given there is no official word yet or pattern to these incidents, the good citizens of Reddit had no choice but to posit their own theories. There are some that think it might have to do with poor heat management. To be specific, the sudden cooling down of that area of the smartphone, which of course gets hotter the more you use the otherwise magnificent camera, would cause it to crack, like any other material.

But isn’t this the supposedly tough Gorilla Glass? Yes, but, according to another “non-expert” Redditor, the tempering method used for the protective glass might ironically actually make it weaker to sheer impact (versus head on impact) and being pressed on the wrong angle. There have been some proven methods to counteract this flaw, like using small plastic shock rings between case and glass. Sadly, the Nexus 6P’s visor doesn’t have such a mitigating element.

Of course, we’re not privy to either Huawei’s manufacturing process nor to Corning’s tempering methods, so until Google actually makes a statement about this, we can only keep on guessing. And hoping that not all units are susceptible to such issues. Indeed, our review of the Nexus 6P showed neither bending nor cracking tendencies. Then again, these do seem to be corner cases rather than the norm. But the inconsistency of the quality of smartphones might in itself already be a cause for concern for some still would-be buyers.

SOURCE: Reddit
VIA: 9to5Google

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