Solemates Superyacht Lets Passengers and Crew Control Some Features with iPads

Evan Selleck - Dec 28, 2010
Solemates Superyacht Lets Passengers and Crew Control Some Features with iPads

It’s been a few days since a yacht has graced the front page of SlashGear, so let’s rectify that. Of course, a yacht isn’t a yacht if it doesn’t have a bunch of luxury items on it, making it not only look good, but also look expensive. Much like an iPad with an 18K gold Apple logo does. The Solemates Suepryacht certainly does its best to make sure that everyone knows it looks expensive, and if you do manage to step inside it, you’ll realize why you’ll have to pay a bit extra to spend any time therein. Thanks to Apple’s iPad tablet device, crew members and passengers alike will be able to control features of the ship, right from the device.

Thanks to integrated technologies, the Solemates Superyacht will let you control things like the climate system, the entertainment system in your room (and probably in other locations around the ship, considering there’s probably more than one of them lying around there), as well as adjust lights and even shut the blinds in your cabin when you need them closed. The Solemates Superyacht can be used with your own iPad, and if you can find yourself paying the $600,000 for this yacht, you more than likely have an iPad (or three) — but if you really need one, the Captain will provide you with one.

The interior was designed by Glade Johnson, and it’s noted for blending elements of elegance, along with contemporary sleek lines. There’s a sun lounge that features a dining area, as well as casual and formal dining areas inside the craft as well.

[via MacStories]

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