Snapchat update adds replay capability and filters

Snapchat is an app that has been around for a while allowing users to share images that are supposed to be viewable only for a limited time. However, hacks for the Snapchat app turned up that allowed users to save photos forever. Snapchat is very popular with 150 million photos shared each day as of April of 2013.

The Snapchat app has recently been updated adding in new features for the iOS and Android version of the app. The replay feature allows the user to view an image for a second time. The replay feature is only available once every 24 hours, so Snapchat says to use it where it counts.

The filters feature includes overlays for photos that add different effects. The new features are available in the latest versions of the app for iOS and Android. The features can be accessed in the menu under Additional Services.

The filters available can be previewed on the images you take by swiping left or right on the photo. The filters include sepia, vintage, and black and white. The replay feature is interesting since it is the first time the company has offered such a feature.

SOURCE: Digital Trends