Another SnapChat hack lets you save photos forever

If you've ever used the app SnapChat to send out pictures that you didn't want people to have access to forever, you have new reason to be worried today. In the past, a hack surfaced allowing you to see sent pictures and texts after they expired that was rather complicated. The complicated nature of the hack meant most people simply wouldn't bother.

A new issue that makes it easy to breach the security of SnapChat photos by simply taking a screenshot has been unveiled. Normally the user is notified if the person they sent a photo or message to take a screenshot. In the case of naughty pictures, that would mean the odds of you getting any follow-up naughty pics are slim. However, the new hack let users take screenshots that don't notify the sender.

This new security issue is significantly easier than the one that made the rounds not long ago. To copy the pictures the user has to have a SnapChat photo op and they can take a picture by pressing the home and power button at the same time while holding on the screen to ensure that the photo gets captured. After snapping the screenshot, the photo won't show the screen and the user will go back to a list of snaps.

Then before the photo expires, the user has to double tap the home button to bring up their multitasking bar. This sequence allows you to take a screenshot of the picture that SnapChat doesn't recognize. Users are able to take screenshots using this method due to the way the app detects screenshots on iOS devices.

[via TechCrunch]