Snapchat Spectacles, at long last, are now available online

Earlier in the month, Snapchat said that it would make its hard-to-obtain Spectacles easier to buy in 2017. Today it's making good on that promise by finally putting Spectacles up for sale online. That means no more waiting in line to purchase your Spectacles from a kiosk, though a fair amount of waiting is still in your future if you decide to buy online.

That's because Spectacles currently come with a 2-4 week wait for delivery. That may only get worse as time goes on, because Spectacles have certainly proven to be a hot item. This might also put an end to the price gouging we're seeing online, with a number of different listings on eBay currently asking for more than $200 for a pair (by comparison, Spectacles' retail price is only $129.pp).

NEXT UP: What you should know about Snapchat SpectaclesSpectacles allow you to capture a Snap with the press of a button. Instead of using your phone, you simply press a button on the frame of your Spectacles to begin recording with the built-in camera. A set of LED lights in the upper left corner of the glasses lets others know when they're being recorded, too.

Spectacles allow you to show off what you see in 10-second Snaps, though you can also pair them with your phone to wirelessly upload those Snaps to your story. It's certainly an interesting idea, and at $130, Spectacles are priced a lot lower than other products in the connected glasses space.

The question now is whether or not Snapchat's risk is expanding availability will pay off. It'll be interesting to see if Snapchat's idea takes off now that Spectacles are easier to obtain, but $130 is still a fair amount to pay for something that essentially serves the same purpose as your phone with Snapchat installed. If you'd like to buy a pair for yourself, you can click the source link below to head to Snapchat's Spectacles page.

SOURCE: Snapchat