SmartQ 5 MID unboxing

It feels like we've been following the SmartQ 5 MID for some time now, though in reality the 4.3-inch touchscreen media player and internet device only showed on the radar back in February.  SmartQ have obviously been hard at work though, as the first devices are hitting Hong Kong, hence this photo unboxing.Update: Second unboxing photoset here.

In the box along with the SmartQ 5 itself there's an AC adapter, USB to microUSB cable, headphones and instructions.  There's also a USB EDGE modem, intended for use in SmartQ's Chinese home market.  We're still waiting to hear whether the MID will play nicely with a 3G HSDPA USB modem, or if international buyers will be stuck using the integrated WiFi.

Depending on the software performance, and that 3G question, this could be an impressive little device, not least because of the relatively low price.  It's selling for the equivalent of around $132; if the sticker can stay in that region if/when it reaches the US, we could see Intel-based MIDs having a rough time.