Sleek Audio Wireless adapter unboxed

When we tested Sleek Audio's SA6 headphones back in October the one significant improvement we wished for was a wireless option. Of course, at the time we knew that Sleek had been working with Kleer on just such a solution; the Sleek Audio Wireless adapter arrived at SlashGear today, promising CD-quality audio, and while it's too soon for a full review we wanted to share the unboxing video with you.Unboxing video and gallery of the Sleek Audio Wireless adapter after the cut

The adapter comes in two parts, the transmitter which plugs into a standard 3.5mm headphone socket, and the receiver, which plugs into the SA6 earbuds instead of the standard cable. Also in the box there's a USB charging cable (with two plugs, to simultaneously recharge both the transmitter and receiver), a short headphone extension cable and a suede-effect carrying pouch.

Battery life is an estimated ten hours from a full two hour charge, and the range is up to 60 feet. Four independent receiver units can be paired with the transmitter simultaneously, and Sleek are promising that the system will be compatible with any future products they release. As we said, it's too soon to make any definitive statements about the Sleek Audio Wireless system, so check back soon for the full SlashGear review.

Unboxing Video: